Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Transformers on location in Chicago...

In talking about neighborhoods, there are a couple that will be experiencing something a bit unusual over the next couple of weeks. The new Transformers movie will be on location around River North and downtown and they are making quite a scene. Last weekend they had the streets torn up at Jackson and Lasalle and again at Franklin and Washington in the loop. It literally looked like an earthquake hit.

It walking by the sites, they had "transformed" these locations completely. Huge boulders, upturned sidewalks...but if you looked closely, what appeared to be giant stones were merely sets of foam and wood. Unbelievably real...except when two people on the set gracefully lifted one off the ground to relocate it.

If you want to catch a glipse of some real fun action, check out the Chicago Tribune map which outlines where they will be and when and what will be happening.

This weekend will be big explosions, parachuters and a lot more action, mostly taking place around Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive. On Friday, July 16th beginning at 8pm, Michigan Avenue will be closed between Wacker and Ontario with big effects and stunts mostly taking place on Saturday and Sunday.

Also on Saturday the 17th, skydivers will be in the area so be prepared for street closures several blocks in either direction from the Trump Tower. Hotel 71 is the set for several scenes from the 19th-21st and the old Jewelers' Building will see the cast and crew for several days from the 24th-27th and possibly longer. I also heard that a few cars will be driven off the parking garage at Marina City into the river which would be pretty amazing to see.

So if you are heading to the area for a different reason, be prepared for a show. If you are heading there to catch a glimpse of the filming, be prepared for a long is the movies you know.

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