Saturday, July 17, 2010

Loop Living

So you are exploring the loop and tracking down the movie trailers looking for Optimus Prime or even a glimpse of Kevin James (Ron Howard is also filming a new comedy in the city) and you wonder, should I live down here in the loop. Maybe walking to work every day with my Starbucks in hand would be the way to live. Maybe working 14 hour days and having a horrible commute out to wherever is not the best lifestyle for me. People generally don't think of the Loop as residential but there are some great properties that you can take a look at this weekend to see if the high-rise life might be a good choice fort you. So after chasing the film making, take a break and go see my favorite pick for the weekend. 235 W. Van Buren unit 4610 will be open from noon on Sunday until 5pm. This is a new development and the unit is a duplex penthouse - the main floor boasts a premium kitchen, living room/dining room and a small bedroom and upstairs there is a large master suite with a separate large den. The spectacular part of this home is the outside space - 3 individual spaces and one is a 1400 sq ft terrace. Imagine the gala event you could host with spectacular views of the skyline. The property is offered at just over $1 million. Maybe you can see the entire set of Transformers 3 from the terrace.

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